Training Resources

Media Training

[Virtual or In-Person]

How to get media coverage... and nail it!

Learn how to work with reporters, construct a compelling pitch, shape a strategic narrative, deliver an impactful interview, and avoid common missteps. Attendees will leave with the confidence and skills to take their media skills to the next level. Presented by Alissa Jean Schafer of Copper Stamp Strategy - Stronger Voices for a Stronger Future.

Depending on your needs, the training will be personalized in length and format, including training exercises.

DIY Video 101

[Virtual or In-Person]

If you're not making video content because you don't have a "professional" camera... that's a lame excuse

You already know that video is so important. It's engaging - a crucial element to getting your message out. But bad video... that's just bad. The fear of failure often leads to never even trying, so this training is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to start making your own videos, regardless of your budget, skill level, or lack of professional video equipment. All you need is a relatively recent smartphone, and a desire to learn and practice.

Depending on your needs, the training will be personalized in length and format, including training exercises.

Instagram 101


Perfect for folks who keep hearing they should be using Instagram but have no idea where to start.

If you think that Instagram is just for lunch pics, thirst traps, and pop culture influencers, it's time to update your mindset and social media strategy! This personalized, one-hour virtual training session, taught by Alissa Jean Schafer, is a nuts-and-bolts guide for candidates and elected officials to strategically optimize their use of Instagram to reach constituents, voters, and media. From feed, to stories, highlights, IGTV, live, reels, and more, the training session breaks down the basics of the platform, explaining the different places and ways to post content, how to make sure that content is as impactful as possible, as well as providing actionable strategies for when to use which feature. Are you ready to utilize that exposure for your political work? Let's talk!

What, Why, How: "Reels"


Perfect for folks who understand the basics of Instagram (or have taken our 101 course) and are ready to dive into Reels.

The personalized hour-long session, taught by Alissa Jean Schafer, provides attendees with a specific how-to guide for using Reels, a new mini video clip feature on Instagram. Why do Reels make a difference? In short, because Instagram is pushing this content, meaning Reels are getting insane views very quickly. The training includes unlimited access to the training materials for attendees after the course.

Not sure of the difference between a Reel and a story? No worries, the training starts with the basics, ensuring you have a strategic foundation.

Save hours of trial and error

We've done the "how to" and "what does this button do" research for you. The training includes in-app videos demonstrating the features.